What’s new for ARC in 2021 

2021 is set to be a significant year for ARC in our evolution and growth despite the chaos and gloom that abounds so, we thought we’d share some of our reasons to be cheerful. 

  1. Recognition – We have been listed as the Top InVitro Solution Provider in the UK by MD Tech!  And what’s more, Seamus our CEO will feature as the publication’s cover star, read his interview with MD Tech to find out more 
  2. Expansion – We are delighted to be expanding our team in Q1 and plan to continue to add to our talent throughout the year to meet the surge in demand for our expertise.  
  3. Structure – We’re implementing eQMS, eTMF and EDC systems to manage our own compliance and to be able to offer more services in the areas of data and document management to our device sponsors.  
  4. Rebrand – We are relaunching the ARC brand with what we intend to become instantly recognisable in our sector and synonymous with the dynamism and expertise we bring to our client organisations and to reflect our evolution and ambition for the future. 
  5. New product launch – We’re also launching an online service called ARC360, where sponsor organisations will be able to plan their clinical strategy based on the regulatory requirements in local markets for IVD’s that will be used to select or stratify patients in their clinical trials. This service will enable organisations to understand and comply with the regulatory, ethics, and safety reporting requirements in those countries while opening clinical sites and collecting patient samples. Additionally, many regulatory challenges are coming down the line in the very near future. 
  6. New regulatory challenges – we are best placed to support companies with implementation of the new EU In vitro Diagnostic Regulation and manage its impact on conformity assessments, in-house assays and companion diagnostics. 
  7. Brexit upside – It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good…  The withdrawal of the U.K. from the E.U.’s regulatory sphere will create enormous potential for us to grow as our HQ in Northern Ireland means we can offer our services as a UK Responsible Person AND EU Authorised Representative 
  8. New locations – It’s too early to say but we are also looking into setting up a subsidiary in a new territory, we hope to have exciting news later in the year!